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Are You a Builder in British Columbia with a Vision for Innovation?

We’re inviting a select group of professional builders with at least 5 active lots to help shape the future of construction management software. Participate in our beta testing program, and you’ll gain free access to our cutting-edge software for 6 months, plus a lifetime discount of 50% once the trial period is over.

Why Participate?

Enhance Your Efficiency
Streamline your project management and inventory tracking with our intuitive platform.

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Your feedback will directly influence enhancements and new features, making sure the software fits your exact needs.

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Enjoy free access during the beta phase and a substantial lifetime discount after that.

How It Works

1. Sign Up: Quickly register through our website to check your eligibility.
2. Engage: Within 24-48 hours you will receive access to your application.
3. Benefit: After the beta period, continue enjoying the software at half the price—FOREVER.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re looking for forward-thinking builders who are ready to embrace change and improve their business operations. If you’re based in BC and manage at least 5 lots, you’re the perfect candidate for this opportunity.

Don’t miss out on shaping the tools that will define tomorrow’s construction industry.

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